Manchester Mistress


Fulfil your fantasies and wildest dreams. I will create an experience that you will never forget! You will enjoy the dominance and humilation that I will mete out to you. I can be both sensual and severe. I’m patient. Calculating. I always get what I want.

As My soft voice whispers in your ear, I will make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. You will drop to the ground and grovel at My feet, where you belong.

When you enter My domain, you will be entering a pseudo-world where the outside world does not exist. You have fantasies and desires. So do I. Nothing fazes Me.

I am a lifestyle Domme as well as a Pro-Domme. I have, and use, collared slaves. They improve My life as I improve theirs.

I welcome novices new to the Manchester BDSM scene as well as experienced slaves and submissives, and no fetish or roleplay is too bizarre to Me.

Begin the journey. Follow the dream. Live the reality. Come to Manchester Mistress V.